About Second Quality

"Second Quality" ceramics will have minor cosmetic flaws like color/shape variations, uneven glazing, tiny pinholes or paint smudges. These products may be imperfect but still very beautiful, safe and fully usable.
"Second" products are discounted from 50% to 75% OFF, priced accordingly to the defect severity.

PITS & PINHOLES: These are defects that occasionally occur during the product’s firing, caused by escaping of water from the clay body or gases released by the organic materials present in the glazing mixture.

Pits are larger glazing defects often caused by the air bubbles trapped inside the clay body, which tries to escape after the glaze melting.

SCRATCH: This is a blemish caused by the worker while loading the item in the kiln for firing or due to a piece moving inside the kiln during the firing.

PAINT SMUDGES: Although mostly caused by human error, sometime a perfect design may run during firing, distorting lines and creating paint smudges.


SPRUZZATURE: The colors used to hand paint our products are at first in a powder form that are mixed with water prior to their application to the clay vessel. The paint dries fast but still remains in a slightly powdery form. The “spruzzatura” is an ultra fine powder that is air lifted off from the surrounding design to the white glazed part.